True Love & Highway Robbery

from by That's The Last Straw



My good friend Chloe Baird (Danger!Bus) handed me these lyrics in like 2008 or so and I added a bit of stuff and came up with t this song. She wrote like 90% of them though.

The music was written with the old line-up and is one of the only 2 old songs on here (although live we play most of them). So cheers to James Bentley and Romeo Sison for helping write the music.

Obviously a fake story, just thought it had a cool Bonnie and Clyde vibe and made for a fun song


Hey baby pack your things we'll sell your Grandma's diamond ring
We're hitting the road and we're hitting it hard
We're travelling fast we're travelling far
Gonna take the highway cause it's my way
All I see is the open sky
I ran into trouble again but don't worry baby this ain't the end
I'll tell you more when we're on the road
We don't have all that long to go
But to cut a long story short it's bad luck I brought
Don't talk just pack your bags we just have time for one last fag
Grab the money from beneath the bed
There's no need to worry your pretty head and

Jump start the god damn car
Pray to God it fucking starts
Windows down the wind at our backs
Ain't no time for looking back now

Tell you more why we gotta run just pay no attention to my gun
Things went wrong for me at the store
Now the cops are beating down my door
Plan was simple nothing to it
Roadside diner was an easy target
Johnny crouched let out a shot a teacup smashed everyone stopped
There in the door stood Mrs McIves she had her rifle by her side
Had no choice it was us or them
So I shot the old girl right through the head
I'm not proud of what I've done but come on baby we gotta run
It's dog eat dog in this crazy world
Now we gotta get outta dodge and

Jump start the god damn car
Pray to God it fucking starts
Windows down the wind at our backs
Ain't no time for looking back now

That's the truth no word of a lie
But I won't let them take me alive
Now I'm wanted for the murder
But you've never looked prettier
And I'll tell you just one thing
No matter how much shit I go through
If I have to be running
I'd rather be running with you


from Spiffy Hats & Milkshakes, released October 31, 2014
Music: That's the last straw
Lyrics: Paley / Chloe Baird



all rights reserved


That's The Last Straw Sydney, Australia

Playing the simplest of 3 chord punk, what That's the Last Straw lack in technical riffage, they make up for with an enthusiasm for having a good time playing music.

Playing with some of Australia's finest bands over their on again/off again time as a band, they have even gotten to support Guttermouth. Nobody is sure how that happened
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